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This election, I'll be running in District 9 - in more ways than one

Ever since I first decided to put my name in as a candidate in District 9, one of the things I was most looking forward to was getting to know the community better. With the campaign now getting into gear, I started thinking: how can get my message out, while also engaging with voters and seeing more of the district? And I decided that since I'm running in District 9, it made sense to...well, to run in District 9.

Literally, that is.

Starting this week and continuing up to the election, I'm going to be embarking on a series of runs that will eventually take me through all of District 9. From Joseph Howe to Jubilee to Jollimore, I'll be covering every single meter of every single street in the district.

(Well, almost every meter - I don't think the city would look too kindly at me running along Highway 102. But if it's pedestrian-accessible, I'll be running it)

Aside from giving me a chance to explore the district, I'm hoping this will also be an opportunity to engage with you, the voters. If you see me running along your street - flag me down! Ask me questions. Talk to me about the issues that matter to you. Or, if you're feeling up for it, join me on the run - we'll be going at an easy pace, and when it comes to running, my philosophy has always been "the more the merrier". I'll be posting the location and time for each run on social media using the hashtag #runningindistrict9, so you'll know in advance where I'm going to be. I'll also be recording each run on my Strava account, so follow along there and keep me honest - I don't want to miss a single crescent, boulevard, or lane.

I don't know exactly how many runs it'll take to cover the whole district (my initial guess: around 15 or so - we'll see if that holds up). No matter what though, I know it's going to be a ton of fun, I'll meet some great new people - and I'll even get some training in for the Bluenose in November, to boot.

Hope to see you soon on a sidewalk near you!


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